Botanical Art Classes
Botanical art brings together a love of nature and art in the quest to create beautiful, realistic plant portraits. Kerri covers the skills you need in her drawing and watercolour classes for beginner through advanced levels offered in Ottawa at the Nepean Visual Arts CentreRegister online or in person at the centre.

Winter 2018
Botanical Art Classes at Nepean Visual Arts Centre

Class offerings are expanding to include new techniques and instructors.

Botanical Art – Composition with Kerri Weller (FULL) 
January 17 to March 7, Wednesday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Course Code 1100841
Struggling with composition? This class introduces fundamental and advanced approaches to composition, giving you tips and techniques to take your art to the next level. Exercises emphasize the design of visual elements and the development of individual style in your drawings and watercolours. Intermediate to advanced botanical art students.

Botanical Art – Drawing
Instructor Lauren Foster-MacLeod
January 17 to March 7, Wednesday 1pm to 4 pm
Course Code 1100778
Winter provides an intriguing array of botanical subjects, perfect for mastering fundamental art skills! Drawing directly from nature materials, improve your observation, sketching, techniques and ability to create true to life images. Beginners to intermediates. 

Student Testimonials
It really struck me how great a mentor you have been for our group when almost everyone credited you in their artist biographies as being the “spark” that ignited their interest in botanical art. 
Carla Burns, Exhibitions Director, Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists

This term’s classes have inspired me to think about the visual and conceptual processes involved in creating more interesting images. I was also fascinated to hear about your journey to botanical painting and teaching…….it’s easy to forget that the teacher is on a path of discovery too!
Ros Allchin, Botanical Artist, Ottawa

I have to say that of all of the art teachers I have had to date (and there have been many) I have learned the most from you by far. I think one of the most helpful aspects of your teaching aside from the broad elements you incorporate is the encouragement to keep reaching no matter the level of the student.
Tawnye Plewes, Ottawa

You always provide so much helpful information; your critique is invaluable, and along with your keen sense of humour, make your classes so very enjoyable.
Sandra Lindsay, Ottawa

The positive comments of your students are an expression of the appreciation of your efforts and work.
Gilles Proulx, Project Leader, Education Programs, Canadian Museum of Nature