CBC News May 10, 2018 |Flowers, photography and art in bloom for the weekend
“It’s not just about painting a pretty picture of a flower, it’s about artists documenting rare, endangered species,” said local botanical artist Kerri Weller.

Ottawa Life May 11, 2018 | Botany Takes Centre Stage for Art of the Plant
Emphasizing the importance of this exhibit, Exhibition Chair for Art of the Plant, Kerri Weller says, “Through this project, we hope to bring attention to the importance of native plant biodiversity and conservation, as well as today’s renaissance in botanical art.”

Artsfile | Museum of nature: Finding art in plants is a journey of natural beauty 
I also learned there’s such a thing as the Maximilian sunflower, painted by Ottawa’s Kerri Weller in oils on a black background, which made me think of the foliage of Henri Rousseau.
Peter Simpson

Fine Art Connoisseur August 2017
Today’s Masters, A Garden of Artistry Grows by Kelly Compton pg. 52-57
“beautiful well researched images made by some of the brightest botanical talents working today”. Kerri’s oil painting of Parrot Tulips is included amongst the 16 artworks featured.

Roger’s Ottawa Daytime, June 6, 2017 | Learning about Botanical Art

The Story behind the Art | Interviews by Myra Sourkes
Artist’s Interview, 19th International Exhibition of the American Society of Botanical Artists
Artist’sInterview, 16th International Exhibition of the American Society of Botanical Artists
Artist’s Interview, 15th International Exhibition of the American Society of Botanical Artists 

Plein Air Magazine
December/January 2015, Plein Air Salon Winners Announced: Best Floral was Kerri Weller with Parrot Tulips.

CBC Ontario Today | Interview with Rita Celli, 2011/11/07

American Society of Botanical Artists | 20th and 23th Annual Conference (2013 /2016)
Panel discussions, Beyond Accuracy: Creating Art featured  oil paintings Garlic & Scape and Water Lettuce by Kerri Weller.

Feature Story: The Personal Palette, by Susan Cumins, The Botanical Artist, Volume 20, Issue 2, pg. 26. Journal of the American Society of Botanical Artists

American Society of Botanical Artists, 14th/15th/16th and 19th International Annual Exhibition Catalogues

Art Renewal Centre, International ARC Salon, 7th and 8th Annual Competition Catalogues

The Richeson 75 International Still Life & Floral Exhibition Catalogue, 2013

Planting Interest in Art by Catherine Kitts, Orleans Star, March 8, 2012

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